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Energy Bank - Deposit

Promoting environmentally responsible energy and conservation with words and in deeds

Foresight Bank’s Energy Bank program is another way that we do banking DIFFERENTLY. We established the Energy Bank program in 2006 in response to a widespread belief among banks and credit unions that renewable energy and energy conservation projects are not economically rational.

We know otherwise. Since its inception, our Energy Bank program has financed millions of dollars in solar, geothermal, wind, and conservation projects. These projects make economic sense and are responsible courses of action for current and future generations.

We have firsthand experience with the benefits of renewable energy. Foresight Bank is one of the few banks in the United States that runs on solar energy generated at our Plainview location.

Energy Bank Deposit Program

With our Energy Bank deposit program, you can designate any new deposit account at Foresight Bank as an Energy Bank account. Doing so provides the following benefits:

  • Funds in Energy Bank deposit accounts will exclusively finance renewable energy and conservation projects
  • Same account options and features as non-Energy Bank accounts
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Free and low-fee account options available
  • Quick and easy access to your money when you want it
  • FDIC insurance

Questions on the Energy Bank Deposit Program

Q: What if Energy Bank deposits are more than Energy Bank loans?
A: Foresight Bank will purchase bonds that finance renewable energy or energy conservation projects.

Q: If Energy Bank deposits routinely are smaller than Energy Bank loans, will Foresight Bank reduce lending for renewable energy and energy conservation projects?
A: No! Foresight Bank will continue to finance such projects because they make economic sense for our customers and for the bank.

Q: If Foresight Bank will make Energy Bank loans regardless of Energy Bank deposit volume, does it matter if I participate in the Energy Bank deposit program?
A: Yes. By designating your new deposit account as an Energy Bank account, you are directly supporting environmentally responsible energy and conservation projects. Every additional dollar of Energy Bank deposits increases the amount of capital available for renewable energy and energy conservation projects.

Meet our Energy Bank Deposit Team

Will Harrington


Lori Wolf

Personal Banker
Photo of Sandy Ulwelling

Sandy Ulwelling

Personal Banker

Aurie Brighton

Universal Banker

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