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Digital Wallet

A Quick New Way to Pay

Pay quickly and securely using a digital wallet.  A digital wallet allows you to make purchases with your mobile device and your Foresight Bank Mastercard® debit card.  You’ll enjoy all the protection and monitoring of your Foresight Bank debit card with the added convenience of not having to carry the physical card with you for in-store or online purchases.  
Foresight Bank consumer and business debit cards are compatible with Apple and Google Pay.
A digital wallet is just as it sounds – it’s your wallet but in a digital format so you can make payments without having your Foresight Bank debit card with you physically. Digital wallets allow you to make a purchase in a store, in an app or even on a website with a participating merchant all with a compatible phone or wearable device. 
Your digital wallet is protected by your mobile device’s security settings, so only you can unlock it with your biometrics and passcodes.  Your actual card number is not stored in your digital wallet and never used when you make a purchase.  A separate token account number is assigned when you load your credentials to the wallet.  Payment codes are unique to every transaction, so they can’t be reused by a fraudster for another purchase.  This transaction information is encrypted for secure shopping.
The process for completing transactions using a digital wallet varies depending on the wallet enabled-device you are using, and the specific wallet used.  The general process includes these steps:

To make a purchase in-store at a terminal that accepts your digital wallet for payment, hold your device near the terminal. You will be required to authenticate yourself with your fingerprint, facial recognition, a passcode or PIN, depending on your device. Once authenticated, the transaction will take just a second to process and will notify you when it has been completed (notification may be through a noise, a graphic on the screen, device vibration, etc).  

When making a purchase in an app that offers digital wallets as a payment option, locate the digital wallet icon at checkout. After clicking the icon, you will have the option to select a different card, shipping address and contact information. The total charge amount will also be displayed.  If all the information looks correct and you want to finalize the transaction, complete the transaction by authenticating yourself with your fingerprint, facial recognition, password or PIN, depending on how authentication is set up on your device.  
For more information about how the purchase process works on your specific device, please visit the digital wallet provider’s website by clicking on the appropriate link below:
Apple Pay
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Google Pay
If you have any questions regarding your Foresight Bank debit card or digital wallet, please visit our Digital Wallet FAQ or contact us at 507-534-3131 or toll-free at 1-800-443-8605.
Apple, the Apple logo, and Apple Pay are trademarks of Apple Inc.
Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.
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